The young generation in Turkey has little interest in the traditional glass crafts. Yet, a candy chain store in Spain attracts the world by showing their candy making process in every store including one in Istanbul. I started focusing on the similarity of techniques used by the glass craftsman and candy makers; tools, heat and malleability of the materials. Then the possibilities of using candy as a way to conserve glass blowing techniques, for future generations.
This was presented in the form of a time capsule during Istanbul Design Biennale. 
Experiments to blow candy using a metal pipe.
Drawings of tools to use in candy making similar to those used in glass blowing.
[Visual Research in Istanbul]
Research in Istanbul at a traditional sweets store, where they also show the process. They said the taste might be the same as machine made candy but they want to conserve the traditional recipe and technique of which they are so proud.
A large glass factory in Istanbul where all products are hand made. There were several young people helping the production in the factory but they want to be glass artists, not just craftsmen.
All photos in this page is credited to Keisuke Fujita.