PHANTOM MOONS (spining) Installation (80x80x90cm) 2019
Lines creates spheres. The work explores border between two and three dimensions as well as the relation between light and material. The reflection of strobe lights and spinning lines create unexpected patterns on the non-existed ’surface’ of the ‘sphere’. Our world is full of illusions created by the phenomenons which change faster than our brain can process.
PHANTOM MOONS (reflecting) Installation (80x80x90cm) 2019
The moon is a floating light in the dark sky. It is reflection of sunlight. We are not able to feel its weight and materiality from the earth. The work utilises those aspects by using the light effect called ‘caustic’. Caustic is an effect formed by the intersection of reflected or refracted parallel rays from a curved surface. When the subtle curved textures on the round plate are lit by the light, the caustic effect creates lunar craters on the surface of the ghost moon.